I haven’t worn a sunflower printed garment since I was in the 4th grade back in the mid-90’s. So of course I get hella nostalgia whenever I see this fabric and I knew that I had to cop it. Per usual the Sunflower Tank Dress from SWAK is comfy and very stylish. I’m not going to lie, I was indifferent about the “maxi” part of the dress with the sheer fabric, however once I put it on myself I was pleasantly surprised and dug how it looked on me! I wore this dress to fashion show rehearsal and received many compliments and inquiries of where I got my dress. The Sunflower Tank Dress is comfy, trendy, eye-catching, and a mood booster. Another thing that I love about this dress is that the placement of the sunflowers aren’t overbearing. You know how some large floral prints can overpower the garment, but not in a good way? Yeah, this totally doesn’t do that and I’m happy about it!

As a reference I’m 5’5 and the dress length is PERFECT for my preference. My dress is a size 26/28 and is comfortably true to size.
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My friends are pretty damn awesome.

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